Our Values


Red Oak trees have deep roots and wide branches. Healthy spirituality is like that. We want to grow deep inwardly, deep in the love of Jesus, deep in spiritual disciplines, and experience deep healing and wholeness. We also want to grow wide in our reach to the world around us, wide in our love and acceptance of others, wide in our generosity and collaboration in our community. We don’t ever want to be deep and narrow, or wide and shallow. Healthy spirituality is deep and wide.


As a church we are one big messy family where everyone belongs, and where there is always room for one more at the table. We do life together, serve together, and have fun together. We were made for community. We don’t grow in isolation, we grow together.


God’s kingdom is a multi-ethnic, multi-generational, country without borders. The kingdom of God in Plain Township is no different. We embrace diversity in unity. We stand against racism and injustice. We stand for equity and harmony. We celebrate our uniqueness and differences. We are not a part of a kingdom of sameness, the Kingdom is diverse.


Fake anything is never as good as the real thing. Yet, sometimes we can fall for the lie that people will accept us more if we pretend to be someone we are not. And Sometimes it’s just easier to be our fake selves than our true selves. Being who we truly are, which is exactly who God made us to be, takes honesty, courage, and vulnerability. But it’s worth it, because there is nothing more beautiful in a person, community, or church culture than authenticity.


Everyone is the hero in their own story. The problem is that sometimes we can see ourselves as a hero to those around us, trying to swoop in and save the day for them. When in reality they are the heroes of their story and we are called to simply come alongside them as a guide. That is how good stories work, and that is how good discipleship works. When we see people as heroes not projects, and we see ourselves as guides not heroes, we can help those around us overcome and live an awesome story.